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Lovely, lovely coconuts.

I've got a lovely pair of coconuts... diddly dum.

I want to go to this place: http://www.screamifyoucan.com/ No will come with me though, least of all Lauren. :( I wonder if it's really haunted... yes, I am a ghost junkie or whatever they call it. Damn proud of it. Ghosts are freaking real!

I'm going to join Robin's new Nikki Reed community! It's gotten off to a great start.

Another thing on my mind... cheerleading tryouts! Getting onto the team seems too good to be true. I can't even imagine what it would be like.

Well, I'm going to go do something. I could elaborate on my nervousosity but it will only increase my nervousness so, well. Oh my stars, I just remembered something else I have to tell you... my future husband! Lauren and I are going to marry one of Paris Hilton's little brothers. Their names are Baron and Conrad and they're, like, sixteen and thirteen. Lately I've been thinking about marrying Viggo Mortensen's son though. I saw Hidalgo last night and you know what? He's hot. Yeah. Uh huh, that's right Lauren, he is. He looks so much better in Hidalgo than he did in LOTR for some reason. At least his butt does. Oh he's so scrumdiddlyumcious! I'm sure a million gazillion other girls are typing similar entries into their ljs at this very moment, but whatever. I'm more creative. I'm going to marry his fifteen-year-old son instead. Is it wrong to like your future father-in-law? I hope not.
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