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I'm back.

I missed LiveJournal too much, I wanted to come back. I love the communities and the people too much to say goodbye even though I've made a big jerk of myself and insulted a lot of people. OK, two people, but still. That really depressed me so I decided to runaway from my problems... that only made them worse. So, to some people's dismay I'm sure, I've brought this journal back from the dead and starting everything anew.

So, to MC and Rhiannon: I am soooo sorry.

Welllll, now I feel a little better. Just a little. Unfortunately, there's nothing really exciting or new for me to talk about. Oh, this was fun... yesterday morning I got a "special ride to school." My stupid mother called the cops because I said I wouldn't go to school (the sick routine never works on her). I had this huge essay due in English that, being the idiot that I am, forgot about and didn't remember until it was too late. I was hiding under the covers in my bed when my mom came into the room and threatened to call the truancy officer unless I got my rear in gear. I didn't believe she would, so I said in my most defiant, teenager-y voice, "Fine, go ahead!" She left the room and I kind of fell asleep. Twenty minutes later and my mom was banging on the door, saying that some police were there to take me to school. I was very disoriented and confused, and I looked out the window and saw two cop cars outside. I freaked out, got dressed really fast, and hightailed it outside. There was this big black dude in uniform waiting for me, and he just looked at me and said, "Get in the car." Well... I did. It was my first ride in a cop car, and hopefully not my last because it was SO FUN. I must sound very poseurish and stupid saying that, but I'm not lying. There were all these radios and transmitters and radars and stuff. Besides, think about how cool I must have looked getting escorted out of a cop car in front of the school. Hahaha, as if. Me with my pajama pants and Chuck Taylors -- a real threat to society, huh?

Not much else to say. Thanks for coming to my little sister's party today, Lauren, you made it tolerable. I hope you're having fun at Anna's right now.

I really want to change my icon. Keira Knightley is pretty, but blech. It's so nothing. At least it goes along with the colors... I vill change dos too.
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