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Mmm. Peeps.

My mom just came home from el supermercado with all these Peeps... you know, the marshmallows with pink and purple sugar that are shaped like bunnies and chicks. Mmm. Gone now.

Today was nice. I woke up at 6:00 and ran around the block and left for cheerleading tryouts at eight, and then did that thing and came home and fell asleep until 4:30. Eww, I know. So then I went to see if I had made it onto the team and, sadly, no. (CONGRATULATIONS TO AMANDA LAGUNA, THAT LUCKY BIZNATCHY!! YOU DID AWESOMELY! She's not only on the squad, but the varsity squad. Snaps for her.) Then I went to Border's to visit the depressed Lauren. The end.

So maybe it wasn't so nice after all. Oy.

I think the judges at the tryouts hated me. They kept glaring and frowning and glaring and frowning. Oh well. I'm going to do Davis Diamonds cheerleading instead, and I'm going to take some of Letisha's classes through the city with Laaaaaaaaaaauren. That should be an experience.

Nothing much else to say. Oh yes, I made a new layout! Of the boobalicious and very Queen Amidala-looking Helena Christensen. She's so pritty.

That is all. Good night. It's 1:23! How cool is that!
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