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Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

It's a good thing it's not raining. Or Monday.

Today has been okay, actually. I went with my mom to the Davis Diamonds gym and got some brochures about cheerleading, which should be fun. There are two cheer camps in the summer that I'm going to sign up for. How about it, Libs? Sound good?

I'm also feeling better today because we're having a BBQ! The first one all year. Me and Mama Big Lips (chortle, chortle) went to the store and stocked up on Oscar Meyer weiners and hamburger patties and actually went a little overboard. But that's okay, I haven't yet heard of someone who died from too many burgers and hot dogs. Maybe we should invite some people over to help get rid of all that food... someone like, oh, say Julia! Ha ha I'm kidding, do you want to come over Libby my dear? I know you're a vegetabletarian (speaking of that, I saw this guy in Jamba Juice yesterday with a shirt that said, "Vaginatarian," so does that make him gay or just a virgin?) but we have other food too. Your mom and dad can come too. Even bring Caitlin! It will be one big happy family thing. Whaddaya say?

Gee, this sounds an awful lot like an email. Maybe I should just email this to you instead. Oh well, no one else reads this anyway, so que c'est le pointe? Anyways... my mom talked to Jill today and she was like, "Oh, that's too bad that they didn't make it, they would have looked too cute in those outfits. Emilie with her pretty hair and Lauren with her beautiful, long legs." Isn't she a sweetheart? I love the Johnsons.

Speaking of Johnsons... I found another person to put in the Nicole Richie best friends page. Her name's Casey Johnson and she's the heiress of Johnson & Johnson Co. Apparently she and Paris and Nicole are best friends, so there you go. It sucks that we didn't make the Jewelicious awards! Oh well, Jingle Star looks promising. And that dumbass Jim... Arrgggh, people like that make me want to barf. GET THE HELL OFF OUR SITE!! Thank you!

That is all. THX 4 REEDIN!!

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