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Apparently I'm going back to Emerson next year... Mom finally grasped how much I hate Holmes and talked to a few people, pulled a few strings, and now I'm doing split-cite independent study for ninth grade. Which means that I'll have, like, four classes at home and three at school if you don't count lunch. I'm happy about it, I guess. I just... urrghh. I JUST HATE EMERSON! But I hate Holmes more I guess... it's like pick your poison, and I pick Emerson. I'd rather be miserable with one person I know (haha, Lauren) than be miserable by myself. I have no one at Holmes. It's not that the people there are mean, they're actually a lot nicer than everybody at Emerson in my opinion, but I'm just too shy and stupid and depressed to meet them. I didn't mean for this to be a "woe is me, feel sorry for Emilie" post, but unfortunately that's what it's turned out to be. Sorry guys. Not that anybody reads this, but never mind that.

Today I did the Davis Diamonds thing. It was okay. I saw a picture of Mary-Caitlyn from "Cheer Camp 2003" or something. That was neat. And there's this huge pit of foam blocks that you jump into, and you like SWIM in them. That was fun. And squishy... ahhh brings back memories of the womb. Not.

Back to my pitiful life!

I'm also dreading going back to Emerson because, well... I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS THERE EITHER. Sure, there's Lauren, but who needs that bitch? (Chortle, chortle.) Poor Emilie. And now that Rhiannon hates me (actually it turns out that she hated me all last year, but that's a different story I guess) I'm screwed when it comes to friends. I went and messed up my chances with her by being "annoying." So. (I hope she doesn't read this... hehehehe.) And, not that MC really goes to Emerson, but I screwed up things with her. I know that she's my "number 1 fan." I'm dealing with all of this in the worst way possible. I've never been hated before in my entire life... I've never been faced with this before. It's all new to me. So I don't really know how to react. Like how to get them not to hate me... Maybe I should just forget the whole thing? OK. That's what I'll do.

But here are some pros about going to Emerson:
- Little Brother is going there next year, so I can freely embarrass him.
- It's a whole lot closer to home (I can ride my bike -> Mom doesn't drive me -> gas doesn't pollute world -> I save trees! Not really.)
- I won't be in GATE so I'll have an easier time when it comes to *shudder* grades.
- I can harass the seventh grader that has my old locker because, uh, I have the combination! (I'm thinking death threats, missing books, the usual...)
- I can be with the true love of my life, his name being aflkjwejeiodoj. Oh sorry, my fingers slipped... How unfortunate.

Well then, I feel a little better. That's not saying much, I started this entry as an Eeyore/really depressed person. LiveJournal saves lives, man.

I think that's it. Yessir, that be all. Ciao babes!

xoxoxo Em
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