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Bill Gates's email address is billg@microsoft.com.

You have no idea how crappy I feel for not updating this... If anyone checks here anymore, I am sorry. I'll try to fill you in on what happened since I was here last (which isn't much).

So, I shall (yes, I shall!) first talk about Emilie and Lauren's Grand Adventure in San Francisco, because after all, it was quite grand. I greatly underestimated San Francisco you know... I mean, I knew it had malls and shopping centers, but a Neiman Marcus? An entire Louis Vuitton? Saks Fifth?! Lauren and I were tickled pink and blue when we turned a corner and found ourselves at Union Square. (I was the pink one, cos I wasn't freaking out quite as much as Lauren. Sorry, dear.) I didn't even know about Union Square! Why does no one tell me these things? It should be common knowledge to a fashionista thirteen-year-old such as myself.

Oh, I'm going to interrupt myself very quickly to say that, before all this, Lauren and I stopped by Sephora's and this underground mall. It was so marvy, you should have been there. We're so going back, huh Lauren? Now read on...

So first we stopped by the Louis. It was so great, except that I was broke and Lauren had a grand total of $40 in her hot little hand. I hate that phrase. Plus we weren't exactly dressed for the occasion, me with my "grungewear" (two words; Ugg boots -- not even real Uggs, some knockoff brand as Lauren so generously pointed out, haha) and Lauren, with her... actually she looked pretty good, but you're forgetting that we are at a Louis Vuitton, ma friend. Her UCD sweatshirt and jeans? Very PacSun. Very Abercrombie & Fitch. Very American Eagle. Not very LV. OK, I think I got my point across... Anyway, so we walk inside and immediately those big guys in black suits and sunglasses that stand by the door start checking us out. Unfortunately not in THAT way, more in a they-can't-be-seriously-shopping-here way. As a matter of fact they started following us... it was creepy. We ignored it and, after getting over the initial shock that we were actually in an LV and touching everything in sight to confirm that it wasn't just a dream (actually that was only me, Lauren was the one yelling at me for touching everything in sight to confirm that it wasn't just a dream), we found the smallest and least expensive thing in the store -- this itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini wallet. It was as tall as a pinkie finger and as wide as a thumb. THAT small. So we ask the nearest store person how much it costs. Now, you may want to sit down, my dear readers. This will shock you.


Yes, $375! I know, I know! I did the same thing that you just did, I said in a louder-than-it-should-be voice, "That's ridiculous! For THAT LITTLE THING?" Or something along those lines. I was immediately slapped and harshly spoken to by my comrade, as I'm sure your comrade has just done. After looking at some obnoxiously expensive pumps (ha, I almost wrote pimps) and dresses that weren't going to fit anyone but Karolina Kurkova, we left, because I had sort of kind of humiliated myself and Lauren and needed to move on with our lives... The drama!

Awwww. My sister just made cookies. With the butterscotch and white chocolate chips... I've, uh, got to go. Right now. More later!
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