♥ Emilie ♥ (tongamama) wrote,
♥ Emilie ♥

Forgive me, Robin! Dear, sweet Robin!

Sometimes I just want to strangle myself! Which is probably impossible to do, strangle yourself I mean, but never mind. I completely and totally forgot to thank Robin for this utterly cool livejournal which she oh-so-selflessly gave me! And, against my better judgement, I'm going to thank Brandi Herrera too because she gave Robin the code that made this lj. (For all of you who are unacquainted with Miss Herrera, she's known as Wintumn here on livejournal. Maybe I'll talk about her later. Maybe not.) But back to Robin! Dear, sweet, awesome, and totally fab Robin! You better go check out her livejournal now, at least after reading this, or I might just spontaneously combust. Did you know that Robin taught me that phrase? I told you she was trippin'! She likes almost all of the things I do, or maybe it's the other way around, but anyway we're really good friends and she's really a very wonderful and totally kickass chick. Her website's scrubjay.nu and you really should check that out too! It's for your own good!

OK, enough Robin love. What am I saying, you can never have too much of that! But what I mean to say is, moving right along... to, um, exhibit B. Now I'm going to rant about how totally divine The Simple Life is. I just love Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie is cool too. A lot of people hate Paris, and I can understand why - she hasn't really contributed to the world, she's pampered and filthy rich, and drop-dead gorgeous. But I think the real reason no one likes her is because they're jealous. I mean, I am, why wouldn't someone be jealous of her? She has basically everything anyone would ever want... besides the sex scandal, I could pass on that, I guess. But hey, it got her publicity. Now she's like this household name, this insanely beautiful, rich, and famous person that everyone adores. My favorite Paris lines are, "What's Walmart? Do they sell walls?" and, "I'm like a life-size Barbie, without the boobs." She's so funny. SO THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS, WATCH SIMPLE LIFE TONIGHT ON FOX AT 8:30/7:30 CENTRAL!

I hafta go now, for personal reasons... Joking, my *cough* idiot *cough* brother needs to use the computer so that he can screw around with horny girls in AOL chatrooms. Actually, who knows what the hell he does on the computer? I might have to go undercover and investigate further...
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